Owner Dashboard in Tally | Tally Add-On

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Owner Dashboard tally Add-on ensures the owner of the business can get critical financial as well as inventory details of the company in one page, in one glance.

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Owner Dashboard in Tally

Owner Dashboard in Tally allows the customer to have a quick view of the company fundamental data in one screen. Dashboard add-ons allows the customer to understand the power of Data. This can be used to increase the sales of the organization. Owner dashboard report includes financial and inventory information. The report generated can be exported in excel format to study later.

This data can be used to design the schemes around a local festival.


Benefits of Owner Dashboard

  • Benefit 1. Derive information from data
  • Benefit 2. Use Data to designs schemes
  • Benefit 3. Pick your top customers and offer them best deals
  • Benefit 4. Increase your cash flow by following up on pending payments
  • Benefit 5. Filter data as per date range

Owner Dashboard in Tally - Tally Add-On

Data Included in Owner Dashboard Tally

  • Cash & Bank Balances
  • Cash Flow & Outstanding
  • Capital & Fixed Assets
  • Loans
  • Profit & Loss
  • Purchase & Sales
  • Stock – Value
  • Top 5 Customers / 5 Suppliers/ 5 Receivables / 5 Payable
  • Top 5 Items – By Volume / By Value / Purchase Volume
  • Top 3 Slow-Moving Items / Non-Moving Items
  • Top 3 Over Due Bills (Cr) / (Dr)
  • & more …

How to Install Owner Dashboard Add-On in Tally ?

Step 1. Download & Install the TCP
Step 2. Activate the Add-on from within Tally
Step 3. The report is visible under Gateway of Tally >> Display More Reports >> CEO Dashboard


How/Where can Dashboard Data be Used ?

  • Design Scheme of fast moving item with non-moving item, reducing dead-stock
  • Pair up Slow moving item with non-moving item, reducing dead-stock
  • Special Incentive for Top 3 customers, for high engagement
  • Pair up high value item with high volume item for fast stock movement
  • Follow up with Outstanding parties to increase the cash flow
  • High Cash balance should be revisited for better investment
  • Study cash flow to design investment plan

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