Discover Tally Power Pack : 80+ Tally AddOns (ANIN360)

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DiscoverTally Power Pack (ANIN360) is an add-on package for your Tally Software. It has 80+ Tally AddOns to make your Tally more powerful and user friendly with lots of small and helpful features designed for your daily needs.

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Discover Tally Power Pack (ANIN360) is an add-on package for your Tally Software. It has 80+ Tally AddOns to make your Tally more powerful and user friendly with lots of small and helpful features designed for your daily needs.

List of Add-Ons in ANIN360

101 Display Ledger Account from Any Report / Voucher
102 Show Narration instead of Ledger name in Ledger Report
103 Always show Running Balance in Ledgers
104 Grid Lines in Reports
105 GR No/Truck No in Purchase Register
106 GR No/Truck No in Sales Register
108 Detailed Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss
109 Always show Inventory Detail in Ledgers
110 Enable Auto Part numbering in Stock Item
111 Supplier Invoice No. / Reference No. Column in Ledger Report
112 Supplier Invoice Date Column in Ledger Report
113 User-Name in Vouchers and Reports
114 Enter Voucher From anywhere
115 Enable Shortcuts
116 Print Confirmation of Balance in Ledger with only Closing Balance


201 Stock Master Report
202 Address Book
203 Agent – Salesman Module
204 Item Description Search Report
205 Item-wise Party-wise Sales Quantity
206 Item-wise Party-wise Sales Amount
207 Loading Slip Report
208 Godown-Wise Batch-Wise Closing Stock
209 Batch-Wise Expiry Report
210 Batch-Wise Production Report
211 Stock Journal Report


301 Item-wise Sales Report
302 Ledger Performance Report
303 Slow Moving Customer/Debtor Report
304 Fast Moving Customer/Debtor Report
305 Slow Moving Supplier/Creditor Report
306 Fast Moving Supplier/Creditor Report
307 Non Moving Item Report
308 Slow Item Movement Report


401 Set System Date as Voucher Entry Date
403 Add New Column(s) in Sales Invoice
404 User Defined fields in Sales Voucher
405 Grid Lines in Sales Voucher
406 Enable Serial number in Voucher Entry
407 Configure Supplier Invoice No (Restrict Empty / Duplicate)
408 Pre-Defined Narration
409 Display Item Group & Category while Billing
411 Prefill dispatch details in Sales Invoice
412 Rename Batch Label
413 Display Ledger Note in Voucher
416 Configure Common Ledger Option in F12
417 Disable On Account Option in Receipt
418 Enable Stock Group Filter While Billing
419 Display Items Standard Price While Billing
420 Display Items Standard Cost While Billing
421 Enable Reference No in Selective Voucher


501 Print Bill Due-Date in Sales Invoice
502 Print Company Name with Custom Options of Size &Font
504 Modify Comprehensive Invoice fields
505 Voucher-Type wise company mail name
506 User-defined Terms & Conditions
507 Multi-line Invoice Title
508 Previous Balance in Invoice
509 Multiple Salutation & Signatory
510 Pre-Define Terms of Delivery
511 Alternate Print Name to Ledgers in Sales Invoice
512 Active Service Invoice
513 Print voucher-wise Bank details
514 More Items in Comprehensive Invoice
515 Set Voucher Type-Wise No of Copies to Printing
516 Disable Printing of Voucher No in Invoice
517 Print Invoice on Letterhead
518 Print Batch details in column on Invoice
519 Print alternate name for ledger on Invoice


​602 Ledger Security
603 Voucher type Security
604 Disable Delete/Cancel commands
606 Inactive Items
607 Inactive Ledgers
608 Stop Negative Cash in Voucher
609 Stop Negative Stock in Voucher
610 Disable Financial Year Change in Company Info
611 Rate Control on Sales/Purchase
612 Enable Sale Price higher than Standard Purchase Price
613 Restrict Voucher Entry without Party Address
614 Restrict Voucher Entry without PAN Number

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